Toulouse Airport Taxis

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Taxis at Toulouse Airport

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Toulouse Airport Taxis

Taxis at Toulouse airport are located on the ground floor of the terminal building outside “Sortie D” which is just to the left of the Hertz car hire desk.

There’s a taxis stop where all the taxis line up in time with the flight arrivals so you can always be sure to get a taxi should you need one.

There’s a nice orderly queue system much like the taxi lines you find outside a UK airport or train station so you won’t have to worry about a bun fight at the end of your flight.

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Generally French taxis are of a pretty good standard and you will quite readily find Mercedes C and E class, BMW’s as well as the favoured Peugeot saloons. All the journeys are metered and as a breed, French taxi drivers are a pretty trustworthy bunch so don’t be overly worried about being ripped off. It’s still good practice though to have a glance and make sure the meter has  been activated once you set off.

Someone I know was so worried about the local taxi driver taking him all round the houses just to rack up the price that he took out his portable sat nav device to check that the driver was going the best route. Fortunately he was.

So to summarise, Toulouse airport taxis should be a pretty good experience but you may want to read our pages on Toulouse airport car hire and Toulouse airport buses as an alternative.

Toulouse Airport Taxis Useful Information

The average journey time from Toulouse airport to the centre of town is around 15 mins and the average cost of this journey is around 20 euros.

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