Nice Airport Parking

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Nice Airport Parking

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Parking at Nice Airport

Nice Airport has a good range of car parks from the Kiss and Fly which is just a drop-off point to long term parks a bit further away from the terminals.  All the car parks are on the airport and are linked with both terminals by a free shuttle bus which runs every 7 minutes.

If you are collecting someone from the airport then our live Nice Flight Arrivals will help you time your journey and avoid extra parking charges if the flight is delayed.

Terminal 1 Parking at Nice Airport

P1  An open-air car park right next to terminal 1.  Maximum stay 2 hours.  First five minutes are free  then increments every half hour to 10 euros.  There is a penalty of 30 euros for overstaying the 2 hour limit. Height limit 2m20.  This car park is really intended to be no more than a drop-off zone.

P2  A car park close to Terminal 1 partly open air and partly underground.  The first hour is charged at 2.50 rising to 15.50 for the day and each day or part of following.  Height limit of 1m 90.

P3  Fairly close to Terminal 1, in the open air and opposite the bus terminal.  This car park will give you 30 minutes free which is sufficient to see your party into the terminal and locate their correct check-in desk.  The height limit here is 2m20

P4  A long-term car park for 4 days and over which is surprisingly close to the terminals.  The minimum charge is 44 euros for 4 days and 8 euros per day thereafter.  Height limit 2m20

P8  This is designated the low-cost car park., but the tarriff is the same as for P4

G1  This is an underground, secure car park for cars and motorcycles.  The height limit is only 1m76.
The charge for cars is 25 euros per day or part of day.  For motorcycles, the first 2 hours cost 2.20 rising to 10.60 for 24 hours.

Terminal 2 Parking at Nice Airport

P5 This car park is directly in front of Terminal 2 with direct access into the departures area.  The first 20 minutes are free and charges then rise in stages to 15.50 for 24 hours.

P7  A long term car park within walking distance (depending on the amount of luggage) of Terminal 2 with the advantage of being under cover.  The minimum charge is 52 euros for 4 days, and 10 euros per day after that.  The height limit is 2m20.

P9 This long term car park is the furthest from either terminal but is accessed by the free shuttle.  Not surprisingly it is also the cheapest at 44 euros for 4 days, and 8 euros for each extra day.  No height limit.

G2  This secure underground car park is 3 euros for the first hour rising to 25euros per day.  Height limit 2m10

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