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Weather in Montpellier airport

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Montpellier Airport Weather

The full forecast on the weather in Montpellier today and for the next 5 and 10 days is available by following the link below.


Weather in Montpellier

The Languedoc is a very sunny region which is mainly why it is such a popular holiday area. Sheltered by hills to the north, Montpellier enjoys something of a microclimate giving over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Midday temperatures range from about 10 degrees in January to over 30 degrees in July and August. Often there is a pleasant breeze to make things feel more comfortable, particularly on the coast. Fortunately Montpellier is far enough to the west to avoid being affected by the infamous mistral which blows down the Rhone Valley from time to time.

Rain is uncommon in the summer months but sometimes in September and October the area can be subjected to autmnal storms giving sudden heavy downpours. These storms rarely last long and within a couple of days the sun is out again cheering everbody up.

Even in winter, when the temperature is obviously much lower, the clear blue skies are a welcome sight after the gloom of the UK.

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