Grenoble Airport Parking

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Grenoble Airport Parking

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Parking at Grenoble Airport

Parking is very easy at Grenoble Airport.  There are over 500 spaces available, very close to the terminal building.  The airport authorities, like many in France now have increased the car parking charges and the free parking time has been reduced from 1 hour to a mere 15 minutes.  This is ample if you are dropping someone off but if you are meeting a flight then you are probably going to incur some parking charges.  Don’t you always find the person you are meeting is the last off the plane? 

After the free quarter hour the charges are as follows:-

Parking time


0 to 15’


15’ to 1hr

€ 5,00

1hr to 3ht

€ 7,00

3hr to 7hr

€ 10,00

7hr to 24hr

€ 13,00

2 days

€ 22,00

3 days

€ 32,00

from 4 to 10 days

€ 45,00

More one day

€ 5,00

Quarterly Subscription

 € 175,00

Annual Subscription

€ 480,00


There is a separate car park for hired cars marked “Parking Louers”

Grenoble Airport Parking

If you’re parking at Grenoble airport for the purposes of meeting friends or relatives who are coming to visit for a well earned holiday then you may well find our live information on Grenoble airport arrivals of use. Here we are able to show you all flights arriving with up to the minute information on their departure times from their originating airpoirts and their actual arrival times at Grenoble.

If, on the other hand you’re parking at Grenoble airport as your point of departure, then our equally useful information on Grenoble airport departures will help you plan your departure time from home or wherever it is you’re staying. There’s no point in arriving at the airport an hour before your flight’s due to leave if the floight has been delayed by three hours!

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