Carcassonne Airport Shops

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Shops at Carcassonne Airport

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Carcassonne Airport Shops

The single shop is located at what was originally the main entrance to the terminal before it was extended. The area is covered by an orange canvas awning which makes it easy to locate.

For a small shop it is very well stocked. There is a comprehensive range of regional products such as the famous local cassoulet, fois gras, terrines and olive oil. There is also a lovely range of scented soaps and bath oils. These all make very good presents for those back home but unfortunately you won’t be able to take them through security in your hand luggage. This means that if you want to buy some of these items you have got to do it before you check your luggage in.

One way around this is to visit the shop on arrival, browse around and make your purchases, visit the Carcassonne Airport Bar and Restaurant and relax in peace until the queues and hubub die down. If you have pre-booked your hire car and you are not in a particular hurry, this is a lot more pleasant than standing in the queue while the children get bored and fractious.

As well as the items mentioned above, there are toys to keep the children happy on the flight as well as books and magazines in both French and English. A good selection of British daily newspapers is also stocked.

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