Carcassonne Airport Restaurants

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Restaurants at Carcassonne Airport

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Carcassonne Airport Restaurants

As we have said on previous pages, Carcassonne airport is a small regional airport and therefore does not have large numbers of catering outlets. It does, however, have an extremely pleasant eatery on the first floor above the departure lounge.

To find it you have to go to the far end of the main hall, near the security gate into the departure lounge. Just to the left of this are some glass doors leading to a corridor. Halfway along is a set of stairs leading up to the first floor. The directions you are following are for “Restaurant Salvaza”. This establishment comprises a well-stocked bar, a café style area and a smart restaurant.

The bar sells coffee and hot chocolate as well as the usual beers, wines and spirits. Also available are soft drinks and bars of chocolate. The café area has good views over the runway to the hills in the distance which is a pleasant outlook but not one with a lot of activity. Here they serve various hot and cold snacks which you can either order at the bar or wait for the waiter service.

The restaurant is well worth a visit. They specialise in regional cuisine and, of course, recognise that people have a plane to catch and will advise as to what can be offered in the time available. They will also validate your Carcassonne parking ticket if you are parked in P2.

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