Carcassonne Airport Car Hire

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Carcassonne Airport Car Hire

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Car Hire at Carcassonne Airport

Thanks to Ryanair, Carcassone is one of the busiest regional airports in southern France.  With flights arriving daily from Ireland, the UK and Brussels, the demand for car hire is large.  This airport is a prime example of one which has outgrown its buildings and the car hire companies are located in a temporary building outside the terminal.

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As you leave baggage reclaim, turn right, go down the steps and the building is on your right at about  2 o’clock.  (if you have a wheelchair, turn left out of baggage reclaim and go down the ramp). There can be long queues for car hire and if your personal circumstances permit, it is worth leaving someone to collect the baggage whilst another goes to get the car.

If you decide to do this, do make sure you have all the documentation you need including the driving licence of any additional driver.  It is infuriating to get to the head of the queue only to have to leave it to collect something which someone else has in their bag and then have to join the back of the queue again.

One of the reasons for the airport’s popularity is its location.  This is the site of the famous Medieval City which featured in the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and is a must-see.  Also from Carcassone you can reach Narbonne (30 min), Toulouse (1 hour), Andorra (2 hours) and the Mediterranean coast (45 minutes or so depending on the resort). 

Carcassonne Airport Car Hire Companies

The big names in car hire which operate from Carcassone are:- ADA at Carcassone Airport; Avis at Carcassone Airport; Europcar at Carcassone Airport; Hertz at Carcassone Airport and LOV at Carcassone Airport.

Charges should be around £230 for a Citroen Picasso for a week in June.  Although petrol is only slightly cheaper in France than the UK, the price of diesel (gasoil) is significantly lower and it is worth requesting a diesel vehicle if available.

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