Beziers Airport Parking

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Beziers Airport Parking

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Parking at Beziers Airport

Until recently Beziers airport parking has been free of charge. I presume largely due to the popularity of Ryanair's flights to Beziers from Bristol this has now changed and parking at Beziers airport is now payable.

A lot, if not all of the airports in this part of France charge for their parking but often have a free period for the first 10 or 15 minutes to allow you to pop into the airport and collect someone.

Parking at Beziers airport is similair except their grace period is rather more generous. Beziers airport parking gives you the first 30 mins for free. You still have to take a ticket when you enter the car park at Beziers airport but as long as you put it into the machine to leave within 30 mins of arrival you will not be charged.

Once you go over the first 30 min period then you will be charged. You can see the rates for parking at Beziers airport in the table below.

Beziers Airport Parking Prices

Duration of Stay
Up to 30 mins
30 mins - 1h
2.50 euros
1h - 4h
5.00 euros
4h - 12h
7.00 euros
12h - 24h
9.00 euros
2 Days
16.00 euros
3 Days
22.50 euros
4 Days
28.00 euros
5 Days
32.50 euros
6 Days
36.00 euros
7 Days / 1 Week
38.00 euros / 3 euros per additional day
14 Days / 2 Weeks
59.00 euros / 2 euros per additional day
21 Days / 3 Weeks
73.00 euros / 2 euros per additional day
28 Days / 4 Weeks
87.00 euros / 1.5 euros per additional day
3 month Subscription
150.00 euros

I hope that you find this information for parking prices at Beziers airport useful. I shall keep an eye on it and let you know if it changes at all.

For now at least, Beziers airport parking prices are, in my opinion, quite reasonable.

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